Saturday, January 31, 2009

John Orville Lowe 1855-1931

   John was born about 1855 in Dunn County, Wisconsin while his parents were there temporarily. He was the son of James Leonard Lowe (1835-1907) and Susan Katherine McGee.
    John was an electrician by trade.
    John and Mary "Mae" Josephine Cravey were married on 14Oct1908 in Lometa, Texas. 
    John died at 47 years of age (from “cardio-vascular-renal disease or Brights disease?”) and his funeral service was held at the Lometa Cemetery at 3:30 p.m. on Monday, 02 Nov. 1931.

Children of John and Mary:
1. James Robert Lowe Sr., 04 Sept 1909 - 28 Nov 1975
2. Mary Lennitt (Lenit) Lowe, ca1918
3. Mavis Bessie Lowe
4. Orval Wayne Lowe - Died before 1945

• Oldest and youngest sons of James Lowe.
• Rosa Faye James Lowe, family genealogist.

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  1. 1900 Census lists different information for birth years of John, his father James and lists the mother as Malvinia