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James Robert Lowe Sr. 1909-1975

James was born on 04 Sept 1909 in Lometa, Texas and was the son of John Orville Lowe and Mary "Mae" Josephine Cravey (1889-1969).
    He suffered from polio as a child which led to the development of a hole in the back of his leg and his having to use crutches for walking (childhood only).  He would sneak out when his parents were not looking and play base ball with the local children.
    James and Zella Inez Avant were married in early January 1938
    After his father died, he opened a bakery in Lampasas County, Texas.
    He would hunt while ridding on horseback in San Sabba County.
    Most of his life he was a carpenter and builder
    James had an old Ford car (Model 'T' or Model 'A') that he used mainly for fishing trips.  He cut the back of the car to create a area for storing his fishing gear.    On one fishing trip the car would not start and this angered him to the point where he pushed the car over the bluff and down toward the river.   For all we know, the car could still be there.
    Played on a farm team of the "Texas League Baseball" in his early twenties.
    Coached a little league base ball team (the "Turtles?") for a few years.
    James was in the United States Army serving in Korea when he broke his knee playing base ball just before he was scheduled to return to the United States.   He served one year, four months, and 24 days.  In Dec. 1936 he was serving in Company I, Ninth Infantry of Fort Sam Houston, Texas.
    He was later recalled into the Army when the United States entered the second World War.  James was in Company E, 5th Regiment of the Army Ground Forces Replacement Depot No.2 (Cavalry).  He served eight months and nine days and received his final discharge was on 23Nov1945 at the ASF Regional Station Hospital at Fort Ord, California.  (Disability?)
    A carpenter by trade
James died at 1:40 p.m. on 28Nov1975 at the Naval Regional Medical Center.  Funeral services were held 3:00 p.m. on Monday at the Clifford Jackson Kostoryz Chapel.  Internment was at Seaside Memorial Park in Corpus Christy, Texas.

Children of James and Inez:
1. Son - Still living - TX
2. Son - Still living - CO
3. Son - Still living - TX
4. Daughter - Still living - OK

• Oldest and youngest sons of James Lowe.
• Death Certificate and notice placed in news paper.
• Rosa Faye James Lowe, family genealogist.

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